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This is a tool which helps you send gifts to all your employees with a press of a button.
The Module works on a simple registration + OTP based login system. You need to sign up with the Piingle back end & then enter your registered mobile number & the OTP sent to you in order to login.
The Piingle Corporate Gifting Module makes gifting really easy & instantaneous. All you need to do is register, login, load up the wallet with your gifting budget for employees & upload your employee list. All you employees will be gifted the pre fixed amount. They can then decide what they would wish to do with this amount, they can gift themselves or their close ones Brands of their choice.
  • Gifting is now real time & real easy
  • No operational worries or delays/handling issues
  • No frauds
  • Employees are given the choice of gift they would like to receive
  • Wide array of Brands to choose from
  • Zero wastage of funds & material
Just click the link below. Sign up with Piingle. We will set up the module for your company at zero cost.
Yes, once logged in, for the amount you have been gifted by your company, you can select Digital Gift Cards of multiple brands.
in order to gift, you will have to upload employee names, mobile numbers & email IDs.
Yes, we will provide a batch file with the format where these details can be captured & then uploaded on to the module.
Yes, a particular Brand can be frozen for an entire batch.
Call our 24*7 Corporate Support Line:080-4331 5542.
The Piingle Corporate Module will prompt you to add funds to your wallet in order to gift your employees. At this stage, you can use any of the available online payment options provided to complete the payment & load the Piingle Wallet
Call our 24*7 Corporate Support Line:080-4331 5542
Once the pre fixed denomination “Corporate Piingle Gift Card” is gifted to the employees, they can then get on to the same console & choose from a wide array of Brands & use the funds gifted against the brand of their choice. The Digital Gift Card of that brand then reaches them in real time on their Piingle App which they display at the particular outlet to redeem.
Call our 24*7 Corporate Support Line:080-4331 5542
Yes, currently they must have the Piingle App in order to use their Gift Card. However, in the future, Gift Codes will be sent via SMS.
He/she will receive a SMS informing them about the gift that they have received with a link to download the Piingle App to redeem the Gift.
The Corporate Module comes with a real time tracker of gifts issued along with the employee details to whom it was issued.
Yes, the company can send out gifts of multiple denominations. This can be done by uploading several batches of employee data based on the denomination of gift to be sent out.
The gift has a specified expiry date, post which this Gift Card cannot be used.
There is no upper limit on number of employees. The lower limit is 1 employee.
When the employee list is uploaded to gift, you are also prompted to create user profiles for them. They can then login to select the Brands that they like.
Contact customer support:080-4331 5542,E-mail customer
The module can inform you about many things
  • Gift sent so far
  • Total amount gifted
  • Gifts redeemed
  • Gifts nearing expiry
  • Gifting history & trend
  • Brand breakdown/ brands selection history
Kindly check your internet connectivity & re-initiate the order, if it still fails, contact customer support:080-4331 5542,E-mail customer
Yes, you can use this console to gift even a single employee by simply entering their mobile number. The employee receives a SMS prompt (in case they don’t already have the app) to download the Piingle App in order to use the Gift.
Yes. Multiple users can use this console to issue gifts. They have to simply follow to simply sign-up procedure.